The Rainbow-Referat for sexual and gender diversity is the representation of interests of all gay, lesbian, bisexual, a_sexual, trans*, inter*, poly* and queer* students. With educational work and press activities, joint free-time activities and sharing our experiences, we stand up for sexual and gender diversity. Non-student are also very welcome at our meetings!


You want to advocate for queer* students and for fairer university structures?

You’d like to get involved with queer* topics and issues and you’re not afraid of the term “university policy”? Then come by!

We are looking forward to every person joining us - there’s no problem in visiting a meeting and getting to know some of us, so you can get a impression of us and what we do. We are open to every person who wants to become involved, so you don’t have to be queer* nor a college student.

Our meetings

Our meetings are every monday on 8 pm c.t. in the Konferenzraum 1 of the AstA in Belfortstraße 24. The room is the one on the ground floor on the right.

In our meetings we’re discussing current (university policy) news and events and are planning our different projects, like for example our days of action for sexual and gender diversity, lectures, workshops or our famous Pink Party and champagne receptions. If you have an idea for a new exciting project you want to realize, come and talk to us about it, so we can help you make it happen. After our meetings we often sit and snack together.

The first Monday of every month we don’t have a regular meeting, but a Pink Cafe, where we sit together and just talk about whatever we want. You’re always welcome to our Pink Cafes too!

Upcoming Party

Upcoming Event in English


You can contact us here by contact form or drop us a mail at referat-regenbogen(at)stura.uni-freiburg.de

If you need a translator for any kind of language or if you require a barrier-free entry to our meetings and events, please contact us so we can provide you with both!